Displays: T3 Affinity is a modular framework designed for all manner of display requirements. A cost effective solution with a focus on simple installation, efficient storage and transport. The system is made of aluminium horizontal beams and vertical post joined together using a no-tools patented twist lock connection. The beams and post range from 200mm to 1500mm in length with custom lengths available for bespoke projects. There is an extensive range of retro fit parts designed to support all graphic types, shelving solutions, lighting accessories, monitor and tablet units and with the important option of being able to combine it with the famous T3 System. T3 Affinity provides unlimited design potential yet remains simple to transport and install, please contact our office to discuss your design ideas.

3 x 3 Display Wall

Includes 3 retro fitted shelves with interchangeable graphic panels

2 x 2 Wall and Plinth Unit

Counter and back wall which includes shelving and monitor supports.

1 x 3 Display Divider

Separate moveable walls linked with a hinge part

2 x 2 Voting Booth

Private segmented areas with interchangeable graphics and curtain rails

5 x 2.5 Display Wall

Wall partition with shelving and curtain rail

5 x 2.5 Display Wall

Includes monitor supports, flag graphics and shelving

3 x 3 L Shaped Wall

Typical 3x3 booth display. Interchangeable graphics

1 x 1 Retail Wall

Simple retail solutions. Range of shelving.

3 x 2.5 Retail Wall

Incudes double sided shelving and curtain rails.