POS (Point of Sale): T3 Affinity is ideal for portable display products such as POS units and retail products. The system can be transported easily within a specifically designed box and constructed in minutes with no tools. T3 Affinity is your DIY exhibition partner, where untrained individuals can construct POS and retail units confidently and efficiently. We work from a catalogue of standard tubes so graphic dimensions are consistent with each design. Please review a range of products below to give you an idea of the types of Designs. T3 Affinity provides unlimited design potential yet remains simple to transport and install, please contact our office to discuss alternative designs.

4 x 1 POS Unit

Quad division with Interchangeable Graphics

3 x 2.5 Retail Wall

Stand alone with modular graphics

Single Pole Unit

With Shelving and Monitor pole.

1 x 1 Monitor POS Unit

Includes 2 x wings, shelving unit and modular graphics.

1 x 4m Tower

Exhibition tower, modular graphics, lighting and shelving.

1m Oval counter

Shelving and graphic types

1m Oval counter

Shelving and graphic types

1m Clothing unit

Display unit, curtain rail.

1x1m Display Box

Plexiglas display unit, with lighting

1m Oval counter

Shelving and graphic types

Winged Pillar

Pillar includes winged graphics and shelving units.

Curtain Rail Pillar

Curtain rail with graphics and shelving.

Brochure Pillar Unit

Range of slanted brochure holders.

1m Oval Counter Unit

Incudes internal shelf and monitor unit on moveable arm.

Oval counter and back wall

Modular graphics, with shelving and lighting options.

Winged Brochure Pillar

Pillar with curtain graphic and slanted brochure holder.

Pillar with Wing

Sales unit, with winged graphic and shelves.

Pillar with Clothes hanger

Curtain rail graphics with clothing hook and POS shelves