T3 Adapter: T3 Affinity is designed with our core principle in mind; Twist lock connect. Using a specifically designed component, T3 Affinity can be combined with T3 connectors to provide access to the entire T3 Systems range. With the combination of the both Systems, T3 Affinity can fulfil any display requirement. No tool installation, easy to transport, easy to store and unlimited design potential. T3 Affinity is a modular framework providing endless design potential with a wealth of parts for every possible requirement.

Used in conjunction with T3 flexiframe, flexible multi-curve walls can easily be built and clad with graphics, with shelving, tablet and monitor holders as further options.

T3 Adaptor

Close up of adaptor used to connect both systems. The adaptor slides into the grooves on T3 Affinity

T3 45° Profile Close up

45° profile allows the graphic to reach the edge of T3 Affinity leaving no space.

3 x 2.5 Flexible Wall

Using T3 Flexi-curve and the strength of T3 Affinity, single profile flexible walls with monitors

3 x 2.5 Flexible Panels

Modular panels with flexible wings and monitor support

2 x 2 Fabric wall

Fabric wall for display purposes

Fabric wall with Counter

Single profile back wall with counter including shelves and graphics

POS T3 Affinity Wall

Includes shelving and two fabric T3 panels

T3 Quad display

Modular graphics in a crossed shape.